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Rachel and her team at Copper Hive Consulting offer consulting packages and coaching to nonprofits and small businesses with a focus on operational strategy and structure, including marketing. She also has an expansive network of freelancers who specifically prefer serving nonprofits and with whom she shares contract position opportunities. Schedule a free discovery call with Rachel to find the right coach or to share your job opportunities with the freelance network.

Tony Teravainen is the CEO of Support the Enlisted Project (STEP) in San Diego, CA. His time in the military inspired him to give back in supporting the challenges military individuals and families are facing every day.

An engineer by trade, his passion is solving problems, so when he was asked to lead STEP it was an easy decision.

Tony is sharing wisdom on the challenges facing businesses and nonprofits in 2021. Get his story, the ethos of STEP, then follow him and support the incredible work he is doing.

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